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Angels on Call is your family’s trusted companion in providing affordable, personal in-home quality care and services for older adults, seniors and disabled individuals in Perry, Mifflin, Juniata, Dauphin and Cumberland counties. Services are provided up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever home may be.

~ We Bring Living Assistance Home

Angels On Call

For aging adults and disabled individuals, living at home is an important part of their quality of life and independence. Living independently at home can be overwhelming and can present significant challenges to their family members and friends.

Angels on Call empowers seniors and the disabled to live independently at home and brings peace of mind to everyone touched by the aging process. We believe mental and physical well being and quality of life are enhanced when a senior can live in familiar surroundings. We also know that each senior has unique requirements and needs. With help from the family, we will create an individualized Plan of Care in order to make sure you receive the right care and companionship without compromise.

The Plan of Care assures you that Angels on Call provides you with the best Caregivers available at the best value to you. Our Compatibility Guarantee proves we are not satisfied until you are. Whether your needs are 1 hour or 24 hours per day — your total satisfaction is our top priority.

State Licensed Care Provider

Angels on Call is a State Licensed care provider. We are also contracted with the local Office of Aging in each of the counties we serve.

Is a caregiver right for your situation?

Take the short survey below to find out if Angels On Call is right for you.

Question 1 / 9

Are you alone several hours during the day/night?

Question 2 / 9

Have you fallen, or been worried about falling in your home?

Question 3 / 9

Have you been hospitalized, or been to the emergency room, within the last year?

Question 4 / 9

Do you have at least one chronic ailment (heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, etc.)?

Question 5 / 9

Do you use a cane, walker, wheelchair, stair climber, or another assistive device to help with balance?

Question 6 / 9

Are you required to take several medications daily?

Question 7 / 9

Do you require assistance with one of the following activities (bathing, toileting, dressing, meals, etc.)?

Question 8 / 9

Would having a caregiver give you or your family peace of mind?

Question 9 / 9

Is it important to you to continue living independently?

Survey Results

Note: This self-assessment is useful for evaluating the relative need for a caregiver in your home, but every situation is unique. If you have any particular concerns, contact us to speak to an Angels on Call representative.

Our Services

Whether you need care 2 hours or 24 hours a day, short term or long term, your satisfaction is our priority. We realize each client has unique needs. We create our schedule to work around your requirements. We will create an Individualized Plan of Care, with the help of the client (or family), and then follow through with our promises. That is how we provide you with the right care and companionship without compromise.

• We build great relationships with the client and their family members

• Monitoring of health status, and recognition and reporting of health changes

• Frequent status reports and updates to necessary family members

• Recognition of signs and symptoms of specific diseases

• Fall prevention plans and ambulation assistance

• Companionship and Conversation

• Bathing, Showering, and Personal Grooming

• Special Diet, Meal Planning, Assistance with Eating

• Incontinence Care and Toileting

• Dressing Assistance

• Grocery Shopping

• Light Housekeeping

• Assistance with personal appointments

• Walking and Transferring

• Medication Reminders and supervision

Client and Family Advocacy Program

When family members are admitted to the hospital for any reason it can be overwhelming for everyone involved, especially when things don’t go as well as expected. Unanswered questions and concerns make caring for loved ones even more difficult. Angels on Call will provide a medical professional, RN or Nurse Practitioner for you and your family to help you understand and make the best decisions regarding your medical care. This skilled professional will explain the medical issues, coordinate and advocate medical care and discharge planning.

Home Safety Evaluations

Each year, thousands of older Americans fall at home. Many of them are seriously injured, and some are disabled. In 2001, more than 11,500 people over age 65 died because of falls. Falls are often due to hazards that are easy to overlook but easy to fix. As part of our intake, we assess for fall risk and may make suggestions about how to improve the safety in your home.

Exercise and Strengthening Programs

We realize how important it is for older adults to maintain their strength and walking ability, and how devastating a fall can be. We will assist you with your physical therapy or rehab program or help you with a general exercise plan that has been established by your care provider, helping you maintain your strength and independence. Our staff is trained to help you execute any home exercise plan that may have already been established.

Day Surgery Care and Companionship Program

As more and more of today’s surgeries, like cataracts, knee repairs and cardiac stress testing are performed in outpatient settings, the arrangements, transportation and scheduling can be overwhelming to the patient and family. Angels on Call provides complete day surgery care. You’re free to schedule when it’s convenient for you, not family or friends. Friends and family don’t need to take time off from work; we provide door to door service, and 24 hour reminders. It’s convenient, affordable and no hassle.

Hospital to Home transition Program

A hospital admission can be very stressful. Being discharged before you feel well, can really strain your recovery and overwhelm you at home. Angels on Call will work with your discharge plan to continue your recuperation at home, assisting you in regaining your strength, health and independence.

Concierge Services

In order to maintain independence, we are able to assist with shopping, errands, and other daily tasks.

Transportation Services

Transportation is a major obstacle for many seniors and disabled people trying to remain independent. Seniors need reliable, comfortable transportation and drivers who understand their needs and lifestyle. We offer a great program to seniors who need personalized and dedicated driving services. We are able to transport patients to and from doctor's appointments and local errands as part of the care program.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are employees of Angels on Call, Ltd. and work according to our governing values and our service standards. As an entity licensed by the PA Dept of Health, Angels On Call maintains the highest level of employees.

We carefully conduct reference and background checks including driving history and child clearances. For your safety, we cover each employee with worker's compensation and general liability insurance and provide hands-on training via field managers to ensure the highest quality of care. Each employee goes through a comprehensive training program and maintains a minimum of 12 continuing education credits per year. We cover appropriate payroll, social security taxes, and we are responsible for the W-9 forms that need to be completed at year end.

All cases are opened and monitored by a Registered Nurse to ensure quality care is provided to all our clients.

We have management available 24 hours to address your concerns and needs.

All Angels on Call employees are experienced caregivers.

Click on one of the roles below to find out more…

In-Office Management Team
Client Service Coordinator

In-Office Management Team

The Angels on Call In-Office Management Team focuses on interviewing, new employee orientation, training, scheduling and customer relations.

Client Service Coordinators

Angels on Call Client Service Coordinators are our field-based managers who provide hands on training, ensure care plan compliance and customer service.


Our Caregivers are the special employees who make magic happen. They combine their skills as caregivers with their joy of helping others to personalize care delivery. Whether it is assisting with care, helping cook and tidy up the house, or making sure someone has taken their daily medications, their efforts are what help many local people remain in the home and continue to live with dignity and independence.

What is the Angels on Call Difference?

There are many things that set Angels on Call apart from typical care providers. We are a State licensed, locally owned & operated organization. Below you will find some services that differentiate Angels on Call.

Caregiver Supervision & Training

Our caregivers are continuously supervised by field managers who provide initial and follow up training custom tailored to your situation and needs.

Registered Nurse Assessment

Every Angels on Call patient is initially assessed by an RN who provides recommendations and guidelines for care needed. The RN remains available to address any concerns a patient or caregiver may have beyond the initial assessment.

Case Manager on Call 24/7

At Angels on Call, we believe it is important that you can reach us whenever a need may arise. We go above and beyond to ensure that a case manager is on-call at all times, day and night, so you'll never be left without care.

Voluntary Video Orientation / Training

We offer a very unique, voluntary, orientation and training service utilizing video recordings. We offer to record a video of the patient's home and personal care routine in order to personalize the training of their assigned caregivers. This allows caregivers the opportunity to come into the home fully trained and prepared to meet the patient's particular needs.